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Healing Arts & Bodywork

I am openly welcoming the era of the new earth.  I have dedicated my life and service to the awakening of humanity by simply opening and embodying all aspects of myself.

I trust in natural healing rituals surrounding plant medicine, movement, breath, yoga, meditation, bodywork, eros, sacred shamanic sexuality techniques and ancient philosophy, to allow your body to balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My daily practices are devotional healing tools I use to clear emotional and physical blockages.

My journey has been filled with both moments of pure bliss and moments of extreme lows – they need each other to exist. Hence, I am gratefully walking, crawling, skipping and dancing my way on this earthy path to reach deeper within, into the safety of my soul... my truth.

Embodying the divine feminine, opening my heart and loving myself completely (the shadows and the light), has solidified awareness of the new dawn of spiritually which is erupting to enrich our existence. Life is meant to be a sacred initiation, lets remember this.

  • Life can Offer Everyone:

    • A vibrant body and abundance in all areas
    • Deep connections, nourishing relationships and a soulful experiences
    • Love, gratitude, peace and happiness
    • Openness to feeling - the pain and the ecstasy - as part of our initiation for our expansion
    • Freedom from our past wounds, limiting beliefs and traumas which hinder our ability to be kind and respectful to ourselves and others
    • Awareness, freedom, spiritual growth, transformation and oneness
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  • Offerings:

    • Hawaiian Bodywork (Lomi Lomi Ritual and Temple Style Ka Huna)
    • An Mo Taoist Massage
    • Tantric Massage
    • Kundalini Dance & Alchemical Healing Journeys | 1:1 | Group
    • Tantric Living / Expansion / Embodiment Practices| Workshops
    • Meditation & Breath Coach | 1:1 | Group\
    • Somatics / Intimacy Practices | 1:1 | Couples
    • Energy Work & Ritual (reiki, balancing and clearing)
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  • Are you ready?

    If you are open to the power of energetic healing, purification and transformation, Hawaiian Bodywork and Embodiment Practices are offerings I also share daily to support creating changes and shifts in your perspective and life.

    Ask yourself this one question, is more of the same acceptable?

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    "From the moment I walked in I felts supported by Willow. It was a beautiful space where I felt held, nurtured and safe.  Willow is the embodiment of unconditional love and I am so honoured I get to share her gifts and energy"


    "To be held in a safe container and express my deepest feelings felt amazing.  Working on gaining the confidence to express my full sensual self and learn how to ask for what I truly want has been a game changer with Willow."


    "Soooo amazing!  Made me feel so comfortable and at peace.  Time went so quick"


    "Willow you are amazing. I now have a dedication to a range of tantric practices that I share with my partner.  I honestly can say they have deepened our connection plus I feel like I learnt so many new things about my body."


    "This will be my first destination on my next trip to the Central Coast. Great way to start a holiday. Instantly felt connected."


    "Most relaxed I have felt in years. Really took the stress out of my day. An Mo and Tantric Massage with Willow are deeply relaxing, sensual and professional."

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