Willows Musings: A Collection

Willows Musings: A Collection


Her suffering is my suffering.

Her happiness is my happiness.

My suffering is her.

My happiness is her.

We are one, we always were one.

The world, including humanity and nature are one.

We disappear in this oneness to nothing… we are nothing, but pure awareness.

This is the biggest gift of all.



Goddess... stand your ground and walk to the sacred space that we know is home. 

It may not be home to everyone but we can feel it when we arrive. 

We will do everything we can to defend and protect the space in which we feel whole and alive. 

We only share what arises with those who are open to the collective awakening. 

Those who are not will find their space, their home, their place, when they are ready. 

We are hard to love, as we prioritise this space and the freedom it offers. 

We worship the sacredness in the simple things like nature and ocean air. 

To be part of this you must not tame us, you must become part of the sacred.



The earth plays music for those who will listen. 

It makes souls come alive with passion, and breathe with contentment. 

Without even the need to swing your hips, you can move with her soothing rhythm. 

This powerful connection humans have with Mother Nature is what keeps us grounded and vibrant. 

Feel her magic, and let her beauty, textures, tastes and smells cast healing tunes with every breath you take. 



Barefoot on the earth you feel it, nature feeding your soul... It's real, the pull, your hunger to be wild and free.

Your soul yearns for the freedom to explore your roots... your tribal instincts are wildly aching to connect to your truth.

You sit in silence, inhale dust, taste dirt and knowingly let the sweat on your temples leave streak marks down your face. 

You embrace the primordial simplicity of the moment, breathe deeply as you dig your toes deeper into the earth. 

This is the truth, this oneness, it's within you and it's all around you. 

This is spirit. This is wild and free.


~ BLISS BOMB ~ 2016

"Cultivating a heart full of kindness and compassion is true spirituality... as it's based on love and awareness which in fact is all there is.


~ BLISS BOMB ~ 2016

"The more we become love, give love and openly receive love... the more we realise love is the collective universal purpose. 

Abundance and all else flows naturally when love flows freely. 

Fill yourself up with what brings light into your world and honour thyself each day.

When we are full of this universal purpose there is nothing we need to worry about as our energetic pulse will provide, protect and offer us only the lessons we have come here to receive."



Wild windy woman,

Release your deepest fear.

Wild windy woman, 

Transformation is so near.


Wild windy woman, 

Dig your feet out of routine.

Wild windy woman,

Release your soul to be seen.


Wild windy woman,

Your wings have fluttered here before.

Wild windy woman,

This time they'll do much more...   this time your bound to soar.



When our paths collide we bring together our own unique passion for the sea.

You fill my yearning to be free and expressive,

I fill your need to be played and danced upon.


We glide timelessly through the waves together.

Salt heals and movement connects us to the powerful vibrations of the ocean,

Our romantic unpredictable connection is like the deepest meditation that offers nothing but pure joy.



When heaven and earth merge at the dawn of a new day... I bow and I  pray. 

Deep thoughts of gratitude for the brilliance of life and the unknown road ahead.

Immense love and respect for the wisdom of the ancients, spoken through the silence of the rising sun.

A sunrise brings tears, as no words can explain the impact its first light has on the awakened state of my heart. 



Mighty Mother Earth, you are the creator.
We have tried to manipulate and control you with our clever minds and our technology... but in the end, it is you who will have the final say.

You wisely created us using only your five powerful elements.
When we hurt you and destroy ourselves, we disintegrate to dust... only to make you stronger.

We are sorry, please forgive us, we are changing.
Let us stay, let us rekindle our connection with your almighty strength and beauty... let us become one with you again divine mother.



An affair beckoning presence, softness and truth.

An affair craving passion, stimulation and emotion.

An affair drenched with intimacy, rawness and divinity.

An affair with oneself.



My life is a devotional prayer

My words vibrational messages

My actions rituals of love

My thoughts powerful invocations

My work a pathway to awakening

My home a reflection of my soul


~ RISING FIRE ~ 2018

Kundalini Ma...

Your warm transformational fire rises,

It clears me out and opens me up.

For surrender, sweet golden bliss,

For collapsing into the arms of God.



As I rise in a state of love,

Old wounds surface to make space for more light.

As I move softly in this divine trance,

My heart opens more than ever before.

As I experience the polarities of my tightened emotions,

I send gratitude for the opportunity to grow and awaken.

As I feel a need to push you away,

I am washed with a desire to hold you closer than ever before.

As I enter a state of sorrow for the moments we will be apart,

I breathe and visualise your beautiful eyes and loving touch.

As I honour all that is you,

I feel blessed and fragile knowing that you opened your heart to me.


Willow x

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