Tantra for Men

Tantra for Men

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Sacred Bliss offers men a Deep Presence Session which can lead you to expanding your awareness and consciousness to enable freedom, pleasure and joy within your own spirituality, sexuality and entire spectrum of a tantric life.  

The art of sacred sexuality is about understanding and harnessing your sexual energy to use it for creation, liberation, healing and pleasure.  Its about becoming the master of your own energy and wholeness and developing presence with thyself and with your lovers.

Shamanic practices and tantra are holistic ways to unify your physical and spiritual worlds allowing you to drop deeply into your heart to expand and experience ecstatic bliss and vitality in a new deep way.

Deep Presence Mens Tantra Sessions are a wonderful way to be introduced to a new way of showing up with full presence and love.

Nourishing practices and exercises will be taught as profound tools to support you  in healing, connecting and growing.

These practices will increase your energy, connection to source and encourage life to take a step into sacredness. 


Mens Deep Presence 1: Foundations of Tantra / Practices  $220 / 1.5 hours

Couples Tantra 1: Foundations of Tantra $400 / 1.5 hours

Couples Tantra 2: Foundations of Tantra & Learn Tantric Massage  $600 / 3 hours

Couples Tantra 3: Enjoy sensual bliss with your partner (2 practitioners) $800 / 1.5 hours

Please ask for referrals for indivudual mens tantric massage services.  Practitioners based in Sydney and on the Central Coast can be recommended.

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Sacred Bliss Healing Space: Copacabana, Central Coast NSW

  • Please arrive 2 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Please leave shoes at the door and come showered and with fresh breath
  • Payments by direct deposit or cash only
  • Cancelations before COB the day preceding appointment no charge, same day cancelations 50% fee, if you do not show up you will be charged for the full service.
  • Mobile service occasionally upon request (surcharges apply)
  • Clients must be 18 years old or over unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Practices offered do not involve mutual pleasure, reciprocal touch, oral gratification or intercourse.  Tantric massage, an mo, somatic sexuality work for trauma and tantric massage are practiced traditionally and performed professionally. The practitioner is clothed at all times.
  • Life can offer everyone:

    • A vibrant body and abundance in all areas
    • Deep connections, nourishing relationships and a soulful experiences
    • Love, gratitude, peace and happiness
    • Openness to feeling - the pain and the ecstasy - as part of our initiation for our expansion
    • Freedom from our past wounds, limiting beliefs and traumas which hinder our ability to be kind and respectful to ourselves and others
    • Awareness, freedom, spiritual growth, transformation and oneness
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  • My offerings:

    • Hawaiian Bodywork (Lomi Lomi Ritual and Temple Style Ka Huna)
    • An Mo Taoist Massage
    • Devotional Tantric Massage | 1:1 | Couples
    • Kundalini Dance & Alchemical Healing Journeys | 1:1 | Group
    • Tantric Living / Expansion / Embodiment Practices | 1:1 | Couples
    • Meditation & Breath Coach | 1:1 | Group
    • Somatic Sexological Bodywork | 1:1 | Couples
    • Sensuality & Intimacy Practices | 1:1 | Couples
    • Energy Work & Ritual (reiki, balancing and clearing)
    • Retreats & Workshops
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  • Are you ready?

    If you are open to the power of energetic healing, purification and transformation, Hawaiian Bodywork, Reiki and Embodiment Practices are offerings I also share daily to support creating changes and shifts in your perspective and life.

    Ask yourself this one question, is more of the same acceptable?

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