Reminiscing: Ecstatic Beats 2018

Reminiscing: Ecstatic Beats 2018

Central Coasts First Conscious Clubbing Experience!

Ecstatic  Beats was an opportunity for Conscious Community from all over the Coast to gather to dance, to party, to connect, to be nourished, to let go and to celebrate life!

This vibrant dance party started in 2018 and was open to 18 years and over and was a drug and alcohol free event full of ritual, performance and beats to raise the vibration of your heart to ecstatic bliss.

The sober clubbing movement was and is continuing to contribute to the awakening of humanity through offering a safe space to let go and connect deeply with likeminded people without the influence of substances which numb feeling and true authentic expression.  

It was a full house at this initial event, with over 80 guests enjoying the freedom of full self expression.

When you dance free from judgement of yourself and others you become intoxicated with a state of inner bliss, a 100% pure and natural high.  

In high vibrational states like this we become one with the collective and begin to awaken to unconditional love!

This initial pop up experience was held in the trees at HIGHER GROUNDS in Kincumber, NSW Australia. It had all the goods:

  • Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos
  • Kombucha and fresh organic ginger beer
  • Raw and vegan treats
  • Buddha/poke bowls
  • Live local performers
  • Guided body activations
  • Ecstatic dance with live DJ
  • Closing sound healing

Since this event Sacred Bliss has hosted another Ecstatic Beats and then collaborated further in recent years to create a similar experience at AVOCA BEACH called Blissful Awakening with her sisters Scarlet Wolf and Corine Jade. 

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