Sacred Goddess Energy:  Celebrating Flowers

Sacred Goddess Energy: Celebrating Flowers

Flowers encapsulate the very essence of beauty, strength and reproduction.  They capture our attention with a mere glimpse of and inhalation of their sensual & arousing appearance & fragrance.

It has become apparent to me the symbolism these gifts from Mother Earth offer, a divine connection to the feminine, the sacred and the nurturing nature of a goddess.

As I continue to shed my habitual patterning of masculine tendencies… over achieving, striving and doing (which was the norm for me during my twenties and early thirties) and started connecting, listening and softening all aspects of my being…  I’ve felt my affiliation with floral scents deepen.

Always a nature lover, always a flower lover, always a woman to immerse fully into nature and action…  now however, I see clearly the feminine and masculine aspects of the bush which are needed equally for the eco-system to thrive.

But more significant to my own personal journey, is the importance of finally seeing and connecting with the gentle flow of wild flowers and their healing rhythms.  Divinity, motion, gentle progress and ultimate self-love.

To witness the gentle grace and beauty of a flower, and know the storms she has endured is a form of awakening it its own right.  Noticing the flower, acknowledging her challenges and the ease she displays as she continues to nurture the forest in so many elegant ways.  This awareness is a pure gift... it's symbolic and real.

Equally I still allow myself to be turned on by the strong earthy strength of deep-rooted ageing gums and pines. They protect, they are masculine and feel like home.  Anyone who knows me well understands my intense love of earthy grounding aromas such as vetiver, cedarwood, frankincense and sandalwood.

Floral essential oils on the other hand are scents which embody molecules of feminine wisdom and energy.  These molecules carry the nurturing life force of the plant, they are magical girly gifts from Gaia.

Thus, is only seems natural that both men and women are drawn to sacred florals for so many reasons.  When worn as perfume they have the power to seduce a man through the stimulation of a beautiful and hungry desire for the goddess that resides in every women on the planet.

Women are also drawn to florals for their calming and balancing effect on our reproductive systems, hormones and emotions.  Like lunar energy, floral energy has offered vibrational support to sisters for centuries.

During your moon cycle as a maiden or mother, essential oils classified as florals can offer comfort physically through the reduction of menstrual symptoms and via their ability to balance hormones and heightened emotional sensitivity.  I love applying a combination of clary sage and geranium over my uterus and breasts during this time.

They can also offer similar support for those entering the phase of the crone, ensuring a smooth transition into menopause… one which still allows a woman to feel sensual.  Floral magic ensures she is able to maintain and embrace the powerful feminine aspects of the goddess.

Wearing these florally fragrances also help us connect to our inner queen, our inner most beauty.  We feel gorgeous and womanly when we smell like flowers.  They bring out our soft compassionate instincts, instincts we all have the capability of embodying.

The energetic forces of flower oils have the power to stimulate peace and healing within the mind, in both men and women.  They are used to uplift moods, renew perspectives and create balancing/calming effects on emotions.  Aromatically inhale, apply topically to pulse points and make them part of your daily and monthly rituals to intensify results.

Some of the key essential oils which are part of the floral family are:

  • Geranium
  • Rose
  • Clary sage
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Neroli
  • Camomile
  • Ylang Ylang

These potent yet gentle essential oils offer natural support, nurturing and sustenance on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Sacred florals… plants, oils and everything in between should be worshiped, celebrated and applied to your body to unleash the feminine aspect in each and every one of us.


“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.”

Christian Dior


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