Ritual: Balancing Chakras with Aroma

Ritual: Balancing Chakras with Aroma

Sitting in meditation… a  powerful technique for creating a calm and peaceful inner world.  The genius of this is that when our minds are calm, our lives are calm, and when our inner world is busy, our outer world is busy.

When we bring stillness and peace within, we experience a delicious flow of balanced energy throughout the body and in our external world. We respond to things beautifully instead of reacting to things in an out of control manner, life tends too flow over the bumps and lumps with more grace and ease.


As I’ve touched on in previous blog posts our bodies are made up of vibrational energy.  We are walking, talking vibrational beings with energy centres called chakras.  These energy centres are directly linked to your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  Eastern cultures say that they spin in a clockwise direction like a spinning vortex when in balance.

By keeping this energy flowing freely through and around each energy centre, you can maintain a high vibrational existence where you are expressing in complete harmony.

Keeping your chakras vibrating at a balanced frequency can be achieved by firstly understanding the role each energy centre plays and also by using high vibrational tools such as essential oils, reiki and meditation to activate or calm your energy centres.


Meditation and aromatics are two of the most accessible and supportive tools we can turn to.  They are by far two of my most favourite things and I wanted to share with you how you can use these two natural tools for balancing your chakras and in-turn your spiritual, mental and physical expression and experiences.

Hence, the power of “sitting with the scents” is incredible.  By this I mean meditating (sitting) using essential oils (scents) to balance and calm the energy systems of the body. What a combo of yumminess!

When one or more of your chakras is out of balance its associated energy is said to manifest as an imbalance either physically, mentally/emotionally or spiritually.  It could be that one of your energy centres is over-active, so we can look at applying a calming essential oil directly over the energy centre to help quieten and soothe it.  If you have an under-active chakra we could consider applying oils that will support and generate its fire!

Once we have applied our preferred oils, meditation can support the process further by stilling the mind and calming the nervous system.  Then as we sit, we simply visualise the flow of energy through the body (however this looks for you)… the practice and the oils help us break up blockages and tension felt physically and in the associated chakra points. As we come into balance and our mental state calms, our outer world starts to reflect this.


Below are the  7 main charkas in the body with some suggested oils for bringing balance into certain areas of the body.


Base/Root chakra(Muladhara)

  • Location: Base of the spine
  • Colour: Red
  • Purpose: Survival, security, stability, grounding, trust, self-esteem, digestion, back, feet, legs, bones
  • Element: Earth
  • Crystal: Red jasper
  • Oil: Balance blend, patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver


Sacral chakra (Svadisthana)

  • Location: Just below the navel
  • Colour: Orange
  • Purpose: Authentic creation, creator, soul fire, sexuality, pleasure, intimacy, abdomen, lower back, kidneys, stomach
  • Element: Water
  • Crystal: Citrine
  • Oil: Wild orange, cinnamon, womens monthly blend


Solar Plexus chakra(Manipura)

  • Location: Slightly above the navel (where the nerve meet the diaphragm)
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Purpose: Power, self worth, self confidence, self esteem, vitality, anxiety, stress, willpower, stomach, liver
  • Element: Fire
  • Crystal: Amber
  • Oil: Bergamot, grapefruit, dinner, digestive blend


Heart chakra(Anahata)

  • Location: In the heart
  • Colour: Green
  • Purpose: Love, joy, inner peace, kindness, compassion, sympathy, jealousy, anger, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands
  • Element: Air
  • Crystal: Green adventuring, rose quartz
  • Oil: Geranium, peppermint, rose, ylang ylang, lime


Throat chakra(Visuddha)

  • Location: Throat
  • Colour: Blue
  • Purpose: Communication, self expression, speaking truth, throat, neck, jaws, mouth, thyroid
  • Element: Ether
  • Crystal: Turquoise
  • Oil: Lavender, oregano, spearmint


Third Eye chakra (Ajna)

  • Location: Middle of forehead
  • Colour: Indigo
  • Purpose: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, decision making, eyes, brain, hormone imbalances, memory, concentration, sleep issues
  • Element: Light
  • Crystal: Amethyst
  • Oil: Clary sage, lemon grass, salubelle blend, in tune blend


Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

  • Location: Top of the head
  • Colour: Violet/white
  • Purpose: Cognition, connection to higher self, spirit, life purpose, overthinking, anxiety, depression, head tension
  • Element: Thought
  • Crystal: Clear quartz
  • Oil: Frankincense, lemon, rosemary, sandalwood


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