Bliss Bomb: Universal Love Starts Within

Bliss Bomb: Universal Love Starts Within

Have you ever wondered what the truth is that we all seek? What is universal love and how does one experience it in this lifetime as a human?  How do we tap into this truth?

Seeking the truth can pop up at anytime and the yearning to seek the answers to the questions above can change the direction of your life completely.  It ebbs and flows for most of us, that is all part of our human existence, but when we continue to tap into this universal truth we can see and feel that the ups and downs are really not all that bad,  or good, they are simply things. The one thing that is always with us however, is our truth.  That truth is the awareness that all things are love.

When you can see life in its most simplest form, free from distractions and the mental talk which surrounds us 24/7, we can start to feel it, we see it and we breathe it.  The trees illuminate love, the clouds and every single one of us becomes connected by this awareness of love, perfect oneness.

If everything is love, why do humans have such a hard time loving ourselves wholly and fully?  Namely because we have moved from our hearts to our heads.  Our heads tend to operate in ego mode which is constantly comparing, competing and striving to be bigger or better than those around us.  Instead of operating mainly from the heart, sending kindness, compassion and experiencing joy from the success of others.

We are born full of love, it's our innate essence, but fear created by egos, society and its rules soon start to reshape us. Our playful inner child, which loves fully, is slowly taken over by masses of thoughts and brain activity. We hide behind masks and addictions to avoid criticism, judgement and reality.

When you truly accept and love yourself, as you are, life takes new shape and meaning. When you look into your eyes you will only see whats real... allowing your heart to open to the bliss of unconditional self love. Relationships with those around you will also change as you open and follow your truth. This I have experienced first hand following a dedication to my spiritual practices and seeking the truth.

Things that upset and hurt you in the past seem to matter less, and with clarity you can respond to these things from the heart. Things such as small comments made by family and friends, comments of which you laugh off, but know they scar deeply.  When you love you, you will eventually respond to these things with firm kindness or simply acknowledge that these people are only displaying projections of their own inner fears upon you.

By dropping the expectations/perceptions others place upon you, you will finally view yourself as lovable. You will become comfortable in your own skin, as you are, doing only what makes you feel alive and content as a person.  You chose your life and how you spend your days, not your partner, friends or society.

When you align with who you really are, commit to following your life's purpose, you will easily un-shamefully become aware of your perfection and authenticity.  This unselfish, non-egotistical self love will change the way you see and feel the world.  This love will become life itself.  Even in the saddest moments you will feel love.  This love will then manifest into what we know as universal love.

Universal love is the natural response of the heart to the feelings and existence of all of life.   You simply have to walk down the street and you will be moved by something or someone.

Self love is harmonious in the essence of universal love and the awareness of interconnectedness.  Everything is in harmony including emotions and egos, conflict dissolves as everything has its place and purpose.  Human experiences fit perfectly together for deep lessons and higher purposes and hence the good and bad should be lived with acceptance and peace.

Simply love more and good things will start happening xx

“The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love”  Maryanne Williamson

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