Bliss Bomb: Creating More Joy Daily

Bliss Bomb: Creating More Joy Daily

What you think and the way you think can greatly impact the joy you feel in your day to day life.  You have the power to change the way your life is evolving and you can start today.

By tapping into your mind and its thoughts you have the power to make great changes and shifts in the way you feel and can do amazing things with your life, perhaps that you never dreamt possible.  If you continually blame the external world for everything that is happening in your daily experience, then you forever stay in that place.

About 4 years ago I had a feeling something was missing but at the time was not quiet sure what is was - as externally I had it all.

After going deep within I realised that it was as simple as NEEDING more joy in my day to day experiences, it was also about playing more and going within to find my inner bliss, a peace that resides within all of us.


What do I mean by play?  

I mean stepping into that altered state that allows us to get creative, get lost and laugh a lot.  As children we do this effortlessly, as adults many of us need to relearn to connect to our inner child so we can enhance our adult experiences.

As we embrace more play, more joy naturally arises.  We need not be strict in saying that we have to set aside a time for work and play either (though this is a great place to start).  If we are tuned to our higher purpose we can be sure to bring our spirit and playful intension into everything we do.

Steve Gross stated in one of his TED Talks that to live more playfully we “don’t work hard” but rather we should “go out and play”.  By this we can assume that we need to be passionate about what we are doing and bring our inner child to the work place with us.  This will change the whole way you do business. Neuroscience has proven that play lights up all areas of the brain - so naturally you’ll do better business!

The universe delivered this on a platter for me when my love for wellness and nature collided. Now through Sacred Bliss I get to play daily with ritual, dance, essential oils, natural wellness and a bunch of fun loving bliss seekers - often in the breeze on an oceanside cliff top.  Years ago I definetly think I would have been far to asleep to see these possibilities.

If this seems to far from reality for you, start with incorporating something which brings you joy into your life each day.  I personally dedicate at least 2 hours every single day to solitude and activities that bring me joy, as if I can’t do the things I love and make my body feel blissfully ecstatic daily, whats the point of having a bank account full of money and the biggest house on the block... right?!

However, if we bring more play into our passions and align them with our purpose, naturally the universal law will provide us with abundance in all areas of life, with added joy, satisfaction and yep, moolah.

Ideas for inviting more play in your day:

  • Unplug from technology for several hours morning and night
  • Live and be present in each moment
  • Simplify your lifestyle - so you have more time for play
  • Start speaking from a more spontaneous and playful place
  • Get outside and connect with the dirt, the sand and water (and i mean really connect, roll, rub, hug, dive)
  • Set aside 30-60 mins everyday that are yours
  • Get yourself a play box - fill it with pencils, colouring books, games and play dough and make sure you get the box out each week
  • Hang out with people who play daily and bring playfulness into your relationships


What do I mean by inner bliss? 

Inner bliss is that sweet little quiet spot within that when accessed allows you to connect in oneness with all plants, animals and beings.  When you access this place on a regular basis and free yourself from the constant chatter of the mind, you are able to take this newly found place of calm into your daily life.

People and irritations may start to annoy you less, you start to notice the beauty that surrounds you and generally life just feels more joyous.

It’s not to say that once you hit the bliss state all your problems will go away, it purely helps you resolve things at a new frequency, knowing that they will pass and that you can access your inner bliss throughout the challenges at anytime you like.

You become aware that you can chose how you respond to any given situation, in a manner that will support you or a way that will lower your vibration into a downward spiral.  This energy will generally be felt by those surrounding you and cause them to spiral downwards also which then has the possibility of erupting into a all-in-brawl!

Meditation is the key tool I have used to become the observer of my own mind, my thoughts and my actions.  Through this practice I have become more aware of my body and its response to certain people and things.  You too have access to this and your very own intuition if you just sit still enough to listen and get comfy in that silence.

Ideas for inviting more bliss into your day:

  • Practice meditation, breath work and mindfulness daily
  • Bring elements of mystery and ritual into your daily routine
  • Expect the best and accept all that comes your way
  • Become your own watcher and observer - watch the way you respond and interact with people and events
  • Proactive daily acts of self love and care
  • Speak to yourself with kindness and a positive outlook
  • Diffuse high vibrational essential oils every single day

Read more on meditation here.


“Life is playfulness…  we need to play so we can rediscover the magic around us.”

~ Flora Colao ~

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